Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.) is an important and ancient oilseed crop. It is a diploid species (2n =26) with an estimated genome size of 369 Mb. Sesame, as a source of high quality oil is valued for its stability, nutritional value and resistance to rancidity and is often referred to as the Queen of oil seeds. Molecular breeding in sesame is still at infancy due to limited number of SSR markers available and the low level of polymorphism exhibited by them. GinmicrosatDb consists of huge number of SSRs, their distribution on linkage groups, five sets of primers along with their flanking sequences and physical map. Whole genome sequencing was used for the development of SSR markers so as to improve the genetic potential of the crop.

Genome Details

The Swetha variety of Sesame sample generated 30 Gb data and provided 85x coverage using different NGS technologies. The assembly was carried out using the hybrid assembly approach and 76,029 scaffolds were generated which covered ~340 Mb of the estimated genome size and showed 96.32% genome coverage.